Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus

Currently,  there are many applications integrated the beautifying effects like Beauty Camera, Beauty Booth, Photo Wonder, Beauty Plus, Camera 360…  Whether you love or hate it, selfie is now a modern fact of life. If selfie is a demand appeared for a long time and still nowaday very popular, the photo editing mainstream is inevitable development trend.

In the end of 2015, Pitu mainstream boomed, made a big wave in online community. In early 2016, there is a new movement making crazy young. It’s “Makeup plus” application. This is the photo-editing application in Android and IOS. It is quite humorous and fever blogosphere in recent days.

The app’s basic functionality allows you to add beard and mustache on Face in your photo to create a unique photo. “Makeup plus” downloads free on Android and iOS .

First, you load “Makeup plus” for Android here, or iOS here, then you open up the application and follow the series below in figure:

Makeup plus”app allow you to take a selfie or use existing images in the library. Users use the photo for editing as they like.

11                 12            13


After that, you can choose beard and mustache and control the size of beard and mustache to suit your face. There are many beard and mustache for many face’s types. Or rotate and move the beard and mustache into the right position.

14                         15


After completing your photo, you can save and share on facebook, twitter, instagram, …or other applications.

16                          17

18                         19


Let’s install “Makeup plus” application on the IOS and Android to create the beautiful, unique images. Hope that you have the excited experiences when using this “Makeup plus” application!


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